Friday, June 25, 2010

Jonas Bedtime Chat (Fruit Punch)

Jonas was having a pretty silly conversation with Dad before bed - I caught just a bit of it on film!

Life in 4.0!

I am so excited! I just got the new iPhone 4.0! Marin and I stood in line for 6 hours to get this new phone and I am anxious to uncover all that it can do.

I went to the mall totally unprepared to wait for that amount of time. I had pre-reserved one, so I thought it might take close to 2 hours max. I had Marin in her carrier, but after about 30 minutes I was really wishing I had chosen to take the stroller. No worries though, she seemed to prefer the carrier.  (Dare I say ENJOY it).  She was the most pleasant, well-behaved baby. The most she fussed was for about 10 minutes, but I was able to soothe her, and she actually managed to nap the majority of the time!  Thankfully I had the best line-friends. Since we were all pre-reserved and guaranteed our phones, getting out of line and back in was not as much of an issue as it could have otherwise been. They let me leave twice over the six hours to nurse Marin - what a lifesaver!

I was a little surprised that Apple - a company so known for streamlining, efficiency and ease of use....made us wait in line for so long - in such an inefficient manner. Once we actually got into the store they had plenty of staff and the process went VERY quickly, but the line I stood in wrapped completely around the mall. Not the picture of efficiency. I'm going to recommend to them that they use some sort of cueing system in the future. They are dealing with cell phones after all. Send me a text. I'm fine with waiting an hour if I need to - but that was a little out of control with a baby.

Clint had to come home a bit early to pick up Jonas from school & they met me to wait it out for the home-stretch. It was great to have the whole family there to celebrate! ;) Now I have HD video, 5.0 megapixel camera, video chat, multi-tasking.....all on an interface that's reliable and extremely user-friendly.

I can't wait! Or...maybe I can....after 6 hours of standing in line...I'm exhausted. I guess playing around with my new phone will have to wait until tomorrow....for now I'm just too tired to operate! I did manage to get some footage of the kiddos though, which I'll share. They are the main reason I'm so excited about this new phone, afterall!

1st lesson learned - can't switch to vertical mode. oops! I probably have a lot more to learn.

Monday, June 21, 2010

DAD You're the BEST!

We've Searched the whole-wide-world around, a better DAD could not be found!


Thank you for being such an amazing Dad. You are a leader, a lover and a friend. You have unwavering integrity and are a dynamic teammate in life.  You are such a wonderful role-model for our children, and I am so thankful they can call you DAD. We love you! Happy Father's Day!!



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jonas' Mealtime Prayer

When Jonas was a little guy - his Nazarene daycare used this "Meal Prayer". I knew the beginning, but wanted to post it here so that I had the ending recorded somewhere for the future.

Meal Prayer
God is Great,
God is Good,
And We Thank Him for Our Food.
By His Hands,
We are Fed,
Thank Him for Our Daily Bread,

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Monkey Business

What could evoke these reactions from my kiddos? This is genuine excitement you're seeing!
Marin was thrilled too!

Okay...maybe she was slightly less impressed. How funny is that expression? She just doesn't know how much fun she's going to be having in a few short years...thanks to Daddy & the grandparents!

A couple of weekends ago, near the end of May 2010, we finally installed the swingset that Mimi & Papa Roger got for the kids last Christmas.  Clint's mom and dad graciously took some time away from their own huge project...a new home(!!!) to help us get it up and running.  Nonna, Jonas, Marin & I went hung out & and went sink shopping while Bapa & Daddy built the playset.  It's huge, sturdy & so much fun. (Just ask Jonas!)

The swing set came from & is made out solid redwood. It's not stained & not treated, but virtually splinter free & it comes with an excellent warranty.  I an really pleased with how sturdy & well-constructed every piece seems to be.  Kids Creations staff were very helpful & had excellent, quick and efficient customer service. I have been really impressed & pleased with our entire experience with them so far!  Thanks Mimi!

Jonas' favorite part for now is the rock wall. I think once he grows an inch taller, his new favorite feature will be the swings. ;)  Now that summer is in full-swing, I imagine Jonas will be logging quite a few hours on his new set!

Above you can see the guys hard at work. All-in-all the set only took them 4 hours to construct.  We were expecting it to take a couple of days, but installation went very smoothly. We left the quality control testing to the expert himself.....
And...he's off!
Verdict? Two thumbs up! This is going to provide countless hours of entertainment at our house!

Big Thanks to all involved!!!  (22May10)

Love - CMJM

Laugh Out Loud (LOL)

We've been getting grins and little giggles here and there for a while, but today (Saturday June 5, 2010) was the first day I've gotten honest-to-goodness belly laughs.  I was walking my fingers up Marin's belly to her chin & tickling under her little chin while playing with her. I was laughing & then she started laughing too. Her laughs were loud and rich. I loved every second of it.

Pretty soon she'll be able to spend those adorable laughs on her big brother's hilarious Jonasism pearls. Or maybe she'll just create some of her own!

Jonasism #2

5 June 2010

Jonas with mouth covered in brown, or what looks like chocolate.

Dad: Jonas what did you eat? Did you find chocolate?

Jonas: Yeah...chocolate

Dad:Where'd you get it?

Jonas: I don't know.

Dad: Ok, I guess we're going to have to do time-out to help us remember. (Note: There was no known chocolate in the house).

Jonas: Oh, just kidding.  Now I remember. Takes Dad to trash can & points in.

Mom: What was it?

Dad: He found a Pepsi One in the trash can & drank it.

Mom: Are you sure it wasn't on the T-A-B-L-E?

Jonas: Yeah, it was on the table. That spells table.

Dad, Mom & Sarah - Look of shock

Mom: Yes, Jonas, that does spell table. How did you know that?

Jonas: Because Mom. I know my words.

(Note: He had taken a drink of my Pepsi One from the table, and thrown away the evidence in the trash can.)

Jonasisms #1

This is the first installment of "Jonasisms" 5-4-10

Yesterday, at dinner, during normal conversation....

Jonas: Well, I've got good news and bad news.
Dad: Oh, yeah? What's the good news?
Jonas: Toys.
Dad: And what's the bad news?
Jonas: (Pause to contemplate for .5 seconds) NO toys.