Saturday, June 5, 2010

Monkey Business

What could evoke these reactions from my kiddos? This is genuine excitement you're seeing!
Marin was thrilled too!

Okay...maybe she was slightly less impressed. How funny is that expression? She just doesn't know how much fun she's going to be having in a few short years...thanks to Daddy & the grandparents!

A couple of weekends ago, near the end of May 2010, we finally installed the swingset that Mimi & Papa Roger got for the kids last Christmas.  Clint's mom and dad graciously took some time away from their own huge project...a new home(!!!) to help us get it up and running.  Nonna, Jonas, Marin & I went hung out & and went sink shopping while Bapa & Daddy built the playset.  It's huge, sturdy & so much fun. (Just ask Jonas!)

The swing set came from & is made out solid redwood. It's not stained & not treated, but virtually splinter free & it comes with an excellent warranty.  I an really pleased with how sturdy & well-constructed every piece seems to be.  Kids Creations staff were very helpful & had excellent, quick and efficient customer service. I have been really impressed & pleased with our entire experience with them so far!  Thanks Mimi!

Jonas' favorite part for now is the rock wall. I think once he grows an inch taller, his new favorite feature will be the swings. ;)  Now that summer is in full-swing, I imagine Jonas will be logging quite a few hours on his new set!

Above you can see the guys hard at work. All-in-all the set only took them 4 hours to construct.  We were expecting it to take a couple of days, but installation went very smoothly. We left the quality control testing to the expert himself.....
And...he's off!
Verdict? Two thumbs up! This is going to provide countless hours of entertainment at our house!

Big Thanks to all involved!!!  (22May10)

Love - CMJM

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suburban hippie mama said...

LOVE the pics...esp of your baby! sooo precious!