Wednesday, June 16, 2004

take two!

I just tried to publish a posting, and it didn't go through,
so here we go again...

Yesterday I went to the final frontier,

Not really, but I did go to SPACE CAMP. A friend of mine, and former astronaut, has set up a camp for kids in an old hanger. It was a lot of fun to see the kids learning about how to read airplane instruments and how to take scientific measurements of height, etc... I think the camp should have more appropriately been called "Flight Camp" - or something along those lines - as it dealt more with airplane flight than actual space voyages. The simulators were a lot of fun though - and the most important thing was that the kids were learning so much. And I got to be a kid again, for the afternoon - yet another reason I love my job. =)

Now I'm off to find myself some real work......
Over and out,

Monday, June 14, 2004

time after time

Okay, It's been a while. Much has happened, and many things have changed. Good things, good things.

First- I'm married! Clint and I got married last September. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, and although every day isn't a fairy tale, I would have to say that most are. Love's wonderful. He's wonderful. Marriage is a great thing.

Breaking News: I am back from Sweden, and have been back for quite some time. I miss all of my friends there, and hope to get to travel the globe sometime soon to visit them. It's strange how close we all became, and now how far apart we have traveled, but I'm sure I will see them again. I have to. People on my mind today: Beate, Rico, Paola, Poppy, Katja, Christian, Niels, Andrea, Andreas, Valinda the "Belgiums" - as they refer to themselves (Sofie & Jeffrey)- everyone else....I could keep listing names, but won't for the sake of continuing with my update.

Something Corporate: After working various places for short stints of time, I have finaly embarked on a "career"...I am working for LWI - and I love it. Who knew government contracting could be so much fun? Truely a place I wouldn't have pictured myself, but I'm glad that I ended up here. I've been here for a few months, and plan on staying for a while (hopefully).

Clint is doing something very similar to what I am doing, and he also loves it. He will be attempting to conquer the world of medicine at some point - so prayer is encouraged there. =)

Beck is teasing me with her "soon to be engaged stories"-- I'm anxiously waiting for the question to be asked - and the announcement to be made. It will be great.
She's working for an assistance center for the mentally challenged (is that politically correct?) (If not fill in the politically correct terminology here____________________ I have trouble keeping up with it. Anyway, she's on call a lot, and seems to really enjoy interacting with all of the people she has to work with on a daily basis.
She was also recently accepted into a Master's program at OSU, and will be doing that soon as well- I'm so proud of her.

Sarah is going to be going to OU this coming Fall. It's a little painful- but I guess blood is thicker than water...Can't enjoy the school rivalry as much - knowing that she will be attending the "wrong" university. But I guess I can forgive her. I was never too much into the Bedlam anyway.

Clint's family came into town for a while, before calling, yet another country, home. Hopefully Clint and I will be able to visit sometime this year, and maybe even squeeze in some visits to my friends in Europe while I'm there.

Jen is living in Stillwater - and finishing up her senior year. She just got a great job on campus - for the summer and is enjoying living large in her new place - with her mom's company for the time being. =)

Father's day is fast-approaching, and I'm getting excited about visiting my dad again in T-Town. It should be a good time. Wonder what we'll do?

Mom & Roger are good - I live closer to them now, but still haven't been by for a visit. Need to change that I think. She's liking her new job - which is nice...I think she's getting a little more time without her commute. Sapster will be living la vida loca in their home soon - that should be interesting.

Other news:
I got a new mattress! no back pain today - trust's a good thing.

Flicker is doing well, and putting out good tunes - It's great to hear them making headway on the radio. =)

I'm a little bored today - I don't kwow what to work on, but I'm sure that this is not what I should be working on...Somehow my mind keeps drifting to the collection of boxes waiting to be unpacked in my living room floor....but I have to wait until later to work on that....

For now, I'm signing out- and returning to the things I should be working on....