Friday, November 10, 2006

Bundle of Joy


It's been so long! So much has happened & so much is still happening. These are very exciting times!

Beck's beautiful baby girl was born - Taylor! She's so cute!

My kitchen has been completely completely finished & well-used for quite some time. It looks great and it's a joy to use! We even laid down new flooring in our living room, hallway & bedroom - which is a really nice departure from our poorly soiled & stained nearly white carpet!
The floors are now a cherry color & look beautiful! My husband is quite a handy-man. Of course he borrowed some help from our good friends, but I'm always impressed!

I've switched jobs - now I'm a Customer Service Rep.for Vox Printing. The company I'm with is so great! They treat employees like family & even celebrate each & every birthday with homemade dessert for everyone! Truely a switch for me, and so much less stress - really a welcome change.

But the best news of all......We're expecting a beautiful baby! April 23! We still don't know whether we're having a boy or a girl, but we will be so thrilled either way. We found out on vacation. We were on a road trip & actually made it all the way to Canada - where we found out!

I just wanted to share my BIG NEWS! =) Not sure if anyone even checks this anymore, but it helps keep me up to date w/ my own life - which is a good thing!

That's it for now! - M