Saturday, May 8, 2010

Marin 6-8 weeks

Growth spurts & the squirts - Oh my!

Week six was a little tough sleep-wise.  Marin had a major growth spurt and as a result, some wacky feeding behavior during late week six and early week seven.  She kept me on my toes by sprinkling in a few normal nights of one four-hour stretch of sleep and eating about every 2.5-3 hours with intermittant days of eating every 1-1.5 hours.  The days she ate more frequently, she also ate less, and she was more fussy (or seemed to be).

It looks like we're back into a rhythm again approaching week eight with 2-3 hours between daytime feedings, a fussy period  for about 2 hours of crying/pain - but she is able to be soothed - between about 8:30pm - midnight, followed by about 4-5 hours of solid sleep, then 2-3 hours of sleep for the next two cycles. I pump after our early-morning feed, following the long sleep stretch. After feeding her, I still pump between 8-16oz. I know this is not typical, and I'm thankful to be able to store some for later, even though that means sacrificing some sleep to do so. I don't think I could sleep being that uncomfortably full anyway, though. It's pretty painful.

The days she cluster-feeds are more difficult, because they are unpredictable, and feel like they may not end. Thankfully, they do & although I don't really ever get to "catch up" on sleep, I at least feel like I'm getting a little more for now. 

She doesn't spit-up too often, and when she does, it's usually not enough to warrant a change of clothes (hers & most definitely not mine).  Though she still does spit up several hours after laying down to sleep. This is a welcome change, because with her big brother, we were both constantly covered in spit-up, due to acid reflux. :(  I have been curious about whether she does have acid reflux too, however. She does seem to have bouts where she is in immense pain, and no amount of burping can give her relief. Then, she'll "spit up", and it will come through her nose. She acts as though it's very painful. I always hate seeing babies in pain.

Friday, May 7, 2010

More Noise, Please.

Clint just wrapped up an extremely busy Finals week, and we're thankful to have iur "Daddy"/Husband back. The kids have been really desperate for more time with him. Marin scans the room & when she sees Clint, her eyes light up & she grins his way, for as long as he'll give her his attention.

Marin is cooing & gooing, gurgling & blowing raspberries like crazy.  She loves to be vocal & is starting to show preference for people she recognizes with gorgeous eye-twinkling smiles,She is also a magnet for her sweet big brother's attention, which helavishly gives her. Jonas is a wonderful helper & the best BIG brother imaginable. He loves Marin so much. He loves to be next to her whenever possible & tells her how pretty she is & how much he loves her.  He's anxious to teach her about the world, but is satisfied just cuddling her, [rotecting er, translating for her  & watching her grow for now.  Marin is also able to reach out & grab toys with more coordination now & sit up with little support. She is such a sweet baby & is content most of the time...but if she is unhappy - everyone knows. ;)

Jonas celebrated his 3rd birthday at the zoo this year.  About 10 kids & their parents  made it out to join us.  The kids donned tails & visors with ears & rode the Cenenniel Choo-Choo around like little leopards.  I wrote a whole post about it, if you need to know more. It turned out ot be a great party.

Jonas has been really asserting himslef lately. He feels very independent, and wants to do everything by himself. He also has learned to say N..O...a lot, much to my dismay. He 'll tell me "No, I'm not going to do _____ (Insert whatever I just asked him to do here). " Then he'll wait to see my reaction.  He's getting into trouble a lot & is at the stage where whatever is in his reach is fair play. If we go out to eat and there are cabinets, he's into them. BBQ bottles, at eye level....what a great toy! YIKES!

He is really testing me lately with tantrums and BIG displays in public places. He likes to see how far he can push me. Mom said not to touch the tv, but maybe I can touch the frame around the this okay?  At the dentists office during my exam the other day, he kept raising and lowering the chair I was sitting in, as the dentist was consulting me & Marin was screaming. My doctor was very understanding, but after asking Jonas 15 times to stop politely, I was getting embarrassed because he just ignored me. Jonas is really showing me that he makes a choice to behave....or not to.  He loves preschool, and although he is presenting his teacher with the same "listening" challenges, he is doing very well there.

Jonas started group swim lessons at our gym. He's doing well, but I'm not sure he's ready for the group environment yet. In order to get him to focus (even minimally) on what the teacher is saying, I have to sit right beside him & block him from the pool toys - which are irrresistable to him. The teacher bypasses him several times during the course of the lesson, because he's not participating & is not ready for his "turn".  She suggested that I look into private lessons. I'd love to do that, but they are pretty expensive. I may just wait until Jonas and I can spend some time in the pool together over the summer. Maybe I can help him some.

I've been sewing up a storm lately.  After I sent Jonas to school in his "tie" t-shirt, they commissioned me to make them for the pre-K end-of-year program,  I also have a few t-shit dresses to make....which I have no clue how to do. Better get busy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ConGRADulations Dad!

Yeah for Clint! He finished wrapping up a successful 2 years Master's program, and graduated with his Master's in Forensic Science from UCO on May 7th.  He still has to do a practicum - before everything is official, but he did very well & was one of the top students in his class. Jonas, Marin & I are VERY proud of him, and we're excited to have more time with Daddy very soon!

Things have been so busy around our household. It feels like we've been moving 100 miles an hour and like we've been being pulled in many directions.  Marin is finally sleeping more consistently overnight, and Jonas is still eagerly exploring his new independence.

I also had some exciting things going on on May 7th. I had my 19th Molar extracted....yep...removed. That means on Clint's happy day, I was in excruciating pain...not the best planning on my part. I had a cap that was holding my bridge in place. It had been loose since I had Jonas, and I popped it back into place, but after having Marin - it was loose again. This time, it was also painful, so I finally got it checked out. Unfortunately, the tooth was not fixable, so I had to get it removed.   I am opting to get implants instead of getting a larger (less permanent) bridge.  I feel like such an old lady having a gap in my teeth for now, and eventually 2 fake teeth, but at least I'll be able to eat on both sides again!

I had the surgery done early in the afternoon on Clint's graduation day. His parents were gracious enough to come watch both kiddos while I went in for my appointment. I only had local anesthesia, which was just fine. My doctor was really good, but no matter how good - pain is still involved at some point. Thankfully, things healed up pretty well, and after about 10 days I felt like I was back to my normal "self".

The kids grew a little restless at the graduation. Marin started screaming minutes before Clint actually walked, so we had to step outside, and I missed it!  I did get to see him stand and get recognized for his outstanding grade achievements though. We're so proud of him! We are anxious to see what God has in store for him (and us) next! 

Great job love - you did it in stride. We're proud of you & we love you!