Saturday, May 9, 2009

Finals are Finished! (for this semester)

Well, I've finished with Finals at UCO for this year! I think I might have another straight A semester - which makes me feel like all the time invested was worth it. I have learned so much so far, and I know I still have so much left to learn about SLP! I will officially start at OU Health Sciences Center in the Fall!

I've started a running program recently. I'm not worried about speed for now. I'm just trying to get myself up and active. So far, Ive hit the gym 4 times this week and I'm LOVING it!

I also have a BIG surprise planned on Mother's Day this year. I can't wait.

In other news: Clint is still a genius, and the best husband (for me) in the whole world. He's working on his Master's in Forensic Science right now at UCO & holding down his full-time job at Nomadics and being an A+ dad and husband.

Clint and Jonas took me shopping yesterday and we had such a wonderful time together. (Shopping is not always such a fun family experience). I got 3 new Mother's Day Dresses, and I'm so excited to get to wear them. ;) I haven't bought a new dress in years!

Jonas is 2! He's so smart, and amazes me every day. He makes connections I would never have expected for a 2 year old. He'll tell me about things he did at school, or while playing pretend piano, he'll ask me if I remember how he played piano at Mimi's. He's speaking in sentences, knows most of his colors, and recognizes some letters and numbers, and he's just generally a joy to be around. I'm so excited to get to have the summer to spend with my precious boy!!!

I wasn't blanning on making this a brag blog at all. I just had so much I wanted to post about, and at the moment I'm feeling extremely blessed!

I hope everyone else feels the same way today!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!